IBA - München, 22.-26. Oktober 2023 

Sourdough starter 

dried, active and organic

living organisms

12 month shelf life

for wheat, spelt and rye sourdoughs

natural leavening, no yeast necessary

What is Backnatur trockenferment aktiv?

BackNatur Lepold, German specialist for sourdough and pre-dough, developed this new organic sourdough starter.

BackNatur Trockenferment aktiv is a dried direct starter in powder form with a long storability without refrigeration. This makes it unique for sourdough and pre-dough applications in all countries around the world.


Aromatic and mild-sour sourdough can be started in an easy single-step process over 9-24 hours; and this according to demand and

desired acidity. It works on wheat flours just as on spelt or rye flours, ideal for companies who would like to produce several kinds of

sourdough without changing the starter.


From the starter an "activated Ferment" is produced. This can be stored for weeks in the fridge and be used as a daily starter for the

sourdough (Anstellgut). With this method one obtains every day the identical result for his breads. This means a much higher security in

the day to day operation in the bakery. 


Nevertheless the main attraction of the new starter BackNatur Trockenferment aktiv is that the full amount of bakers yeast can be

saved because of its raising strength in this one-step-process. Typical mediterranian and German style breads, other ethnic type of organic breads and rolls are possible with this starter.

BackNatur Trockenferment aktiv organic is produced with the highest quality standards.

  • it is available in 2 kg plastic bags or in bulk
  • it can be used directly to start an organic sour dough or multiplied in a pre-step process for cost-effective use.
  • store at a cool and dry place.
  • up to 12 month shelf-life

ingredients: organic spelt-milling products, organic honey, salt